What is a Mommy Makeover?

The mommy makeover usually describes therapies to repair undesirable adjustments that have actually struck mothers complying with maternity, childbirth, and also breastfeeding. Moms typically endure bust sagging and depreciation along with adjustments in their tummies, which might include stomach skin redundancy ridden with stretch marks and also belly estimate from expanded abdominal muscles.

As a result, the typical mommy makeover will certainly consist of a minimum of a breast lift with or without implants, along with a total or mini abdominoplasty medical therapy.


Patients will certainly undertake a bust lift when pleased with their general breast dimension as well as require a lift of their drooping busts. Others might select to have a breast augmentation if they think nursing activated significant depreciation of their busts.


Whether mommies pick to have a mini or full tummy tuck relies on the degree that their muscular tissues have actually prolonged as well as the level of skin redundancy and stretch mark circulation. If moms have actually extended or compromised muscles so that their stubborn bellies can prolong exterior, or their stretch marks include over the stomach button, they are recommended a full tummy tuck with muscular tissue plication.

They recommend a mini-abdominoplasty if their muscle mass has not been impacted or their stretch marks are limited to below the belly button. Typically, if customers stay clear of gigantic weight gain (less than 30 extra pounds) with their pregnancy as well as have experienced 2 or fewer pregnancies, they can get away a small abdominoplasty! This distinction in between mini and also complete abdominoplasty will most certainly show up in mommy makeover before and also after the outcomes listed here.

Various various other Locations:

Mommies may furthermore consider contouring various other locations that may have been influenced. Body contouring consists of the back, flanks, lateral, and median upper legs.

An exam with your doctor will certainly aid you establish your trouble spots and recognize a comprehensive as well as personalized technique to get rid of those undesirable adjustments. The prior to as well as after outcomes below will certainly reveal the conveniently available medical options.