What Happens If I Gain Weight After Liposuction?

Gain Weight After Liposuction

What happens if I gain weight after liposuction is a common question by patients. Despite spending hours at the gym weekly and counting every calorie, do you have a few extra pounds that won’t appear to budge? You’re not alone. Many males and females struggle with persistent pockets of fat that do not respond to conventional diet plans and exercise in the same way– or at the same rate– as the rest of their body. Not slimming down with diet plans and exercise can be extremely frustrating, not to mention dissuading, especially for clients who have actually worked so vigilantly to reach their weight loss objectives. Fortunately, plastic surgery can assist.

To discover how liposuction might help you accomplish the body you want. It is crucial to have a basic understanding of the procedure and its possible results, including what might occur if you gain weight after your surgery. You may wish to review the extensive liposuction before and after photos on DrLaguna.com

I put on weight after liposuction. Now what?

Even with the best of intents, there are times when patients experience a substantial quantity of weight gain at some point after their liposuction treatment. For some people, a stressful life event can set off weight gain, while others may suffer a physical injury that keeps them out of the gym for an extended time. Among the leading reasons for weight gain after liposuction is pregnancy. Ladies need to be certain they are no longer having children before undergoing the procedure. Regardless of what triggered you to put on weight after your liposuction treatment, it is possible that putting on weight may jeopardize your outcomes. Fat cells that stay in or near the treated locations will swell with weight gain, and new fat cells might produce.

If you have actually put on weight after your initial liposuction treatment, your surgeon may be able to perform a second or subsequent touch-up surgical treatment. This might depend on the amount of weight you have gotten, how much scar tissue exists, and numerous other elements.

Liposuction Outcomes Are Permanent if You Do Not Put On Weight.

Lots of males and females ask if liposuction results are irreversible. If, after surgery, your weight is the same, your liposuction outcomes are likely to remain permanent. Once the excess fat cells are gone, fewer of them are available to expand with weight gain.

If you have a significant quantity of fat gotten rid of from liposuction, bear in mind that you will likely require to step up your exercise program and reduce your calorie consumption to maintain your results. While this treatment can be quite transformative, Your cosmetic surgeon will do their part to the very best of their abilities, however, you as the client should do your part as well. Any prospective patient requires to understand that they have a function to play in their results’ permanence.

Can fat return after liposuction?

There’s a great reason liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States, with 222,051 treatments finished in 2015. Liposuction produces near-immediate outcomes, immediately eliminating unwanted body fat in separated areas of the body to create the perfect shape. Even the fittest of people typically turn to liposuction to get rid of persistent pockets of fat that are regularly unresponsive to diet and workout.

Beyond the preliminary remarkable outcomes, lots of patients thinking about liposuction have issues over durability. Among the most typical concerns, our practice receives concerning liposuction is, “can fat return after my treatment?” Now you know!

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